Quickie du week-end


How was everyone’s week-end? Did you end up sewing something amazing, or just finishing UFOs? (UnFinished Objects if you haven’t heard it before!)

A few days ago, after a conversation on vintage patterns and how beautiful older patterns are, my colleague Sheila (who had been working in House of Worth in the 60s….!!! I know!) came over with two gorgeous Vogue pattern from the 40s…. and in such an immaculate condition I almost refused (specially with an 18 month old baby at home…).

photo 1
Clockwise L to R: Vogue 505, Vogue 274,  Maudella 5014, Hollywood 1982

So here I am, on Saturday morning, contemplating them (and some of my own stash) pondering whether to give it a go, finishing  what I was working on, or creating something I really need (hello coat with a hood, I’ll regret you when it starts raining!). But eh, a toile can be quickly done, right?

I carefully opened Vogue 274 (unprinted, from 1939!) and traced around the pattern pieces with a spiky wheel (and holding it with weights. No way I’d put pins in that pattern!). To save paper, fabric and time, I only constructed to top half (Front, Back, Vestee -> how cute is that word!). Buuuuuut it was sooooo nice (and almost perfectly fitting) that I decided to add a little peplum (from the skirt pattern)  and made it a wearable toile. Oh, and it has darted sleeves! I just-cannott-resist them.

The fabric isn’t that great, but it totally works for now until I find a fabric that’d be good for it (any suggestions?). I also think the vestee should be cut on the bias (which wasn’t the case on the pattern, but you know, 1939…..) in order to drape even better.

So voilà, I’m so happy I manage to do something so fast and yet so elegant (and old!).

I totally recommand it.

What’s the oldest pattern you’ve ever been working on?

xx Caro’ -pretending to work in an office…



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