Oh Lucille! (Won’t you do your Daddy’s will?)


It’s my first blog post (at least in a while) and I really want to make it special… just for you!

As many of you sewing bloggers (and readers), I discovered Simple Sew Patterns last year with a Love Sewing magazine (and, I have to say, thanks to the lovely  Amy Almond Rock on IG).

I had tried many (many) commercial patterns before, and always (always…) had to tweak around to make the fit perfect (hum…. special mention to Butterick recent ‘retro’ line here, that has a huuuuuuuge amount of ease). Anyway, here I was, toiling my Bardot dress, and what a wonderful surprise it was to see the top was fitting perfectly on me; well, a bit short (because of my long torso/short legs ratio), but nonetheless, almost perfect for a toile!

Cherry print Bardot dress in Avignon, France
Then, it was Lottie’s turn:

French-seamed Lottie in white chiffon
I had been looking for a nice-elegant-and-classy-not-too-uptight-but-still-sexy kinda blouse, so, I gave a shoot at the Lottie Blouse…. Since then, I made 3 of them, and planning my 4th (and 5th, and….)

So, despite my recent knowledge in pattern making (I graduated last month from Nat.5 Fashion & Textile Technology, hum, with an 80/80 A score; -insert claps here, thank you!- ), I couldn’t resist the lovely cross-over shape and waist belt on Lucille.

The toile turned out great for the top, and I just had to enlarge the hip part a bit.

Quite happy with the toile!
The explanations were great (I have to confess that I’m really really bad and usually not read them), except for the back belt part that didn’t exist in the pattern (the back bodice is in one piece, well Left and Right!). I got a bit confused with “cut 1 pair”….. because I usually just write “x2”, but it’s all logical at the end.

And of course, because I like to make it harder than it is (you know….) I decided to add a staytape in the neckline, understitching, clipping and notching the armholes and making it fully lined! That’s it! Lining the top was quite a nightmare to bag-out; but, I manage to close it after a while!


Next, I’ll talk you through the fabric (which is very dear to me), the pattern, and I’ll introduce you to Petite-Moi! Stay tuned.



5 thoughts on “Oh Lucille! (Won’t you do your Daddy’s will?)

  1. Caroline! The dress turned out beautifully. You did the right thing putting stay tape on the V-neckline. I’ve been working on one myself. Sometimes stay stitching is not enough. Enjoy all your pretty new clothes.


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